L529 – Beautiful Student Girl in Melbourne Australia

- English Proficiency


— Profile
This sugar baby is 21 years old, 1.54m, 36kg, a student in Melbourne Australia.
She is beautiful and attentive.
This sugar baby is available in Melbourne.
Other Language: Chinese.


— Resume
Hello, I am a 21yrs old Monash student. I’m very outgoing and very patient, but is slow to warm up to you but eventually can become a very close girlfriend. If you are very considerate to me, you will get a sweet love! I’m also an independent girl. If possible, I hope we don’t disturb each other’s personal life. This is my first time to do this job and I hope to meet a friendly sweet sugar daddy.


— Sugar Baby Fees

This Sugar Baby has 3 types of service fee (1 Test Dating, 2 Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby Packages) –

>> Test Dating

> Half-day Dating
You will meet the Sugar Baby for a lunch or dinner (no sextual activities included) in her city.
Daytime (before 9pm) 2 Hours: A$/€/$ 600

>> Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby Package

> Sponsorship Package
You and her live separately, but meet once a week in her city (sex included, health certificate needed).
Month: A$/€/$ 13,333 (half day x 4)

> Elderly Companionship Package
You employ her a non-sex companion (oral included, health certificate needed). She will visit you 2 times per week (5 hours each time) to provide companionship and assistance with household.
Month: A$/€/$ 5,833

(If you need sex including oral sex, you must provide a health certificate and there must be no infectious sexually transmitted diseases.)


— Status
>> Availability: for VIP Members only

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