Sugar Baby Arrangement

Our service is suitable for Sugar Daddies looking for a long term Sugar Baby who will live with them and serve them as needed. This is the perfect arrangement for a Sugar Daddy seeking a beautiful baby to live with, while retaining control over the length and details of that relationship.


1. After browsing our website, please advise us of the sugar babies of your choice and the approximate date of the service. We will send you the ladies’ photos and other information. (new clients will need to pay an initial A$/€/$200 photo deposit.)

2. You make the final decision and pay the fees.

3. We will arrange any flights and visas (if necessary), etc. Then your sugar baby will fly to you.

Photo Delivery

– New clients need to pay a A$/€/$200 photo deposit to receive the photos by email or browse the database in our office. Before a client’s first booking, we can send photos of up to 6 ladies by email (average 10-15 large photos per lady) .

– Regular clients can always receive new photos by email (as per request as frequently as desired), or browse the database in our office.

– All ladies’ photos are genuine, except that some nude photos have their faces covered. However, if clients visit our office, they will be able to browse the original nude photos and videos.

– The photo deposit can be deducted from the final fees, but is not refundable.

Sydney Service

As our club is based in Sydney, our Sydney clients can pay on lady’s arrival. However, please note:  1, new clients in Sydney still need to pay A$200 photo deposit to view the photos and start arrangement. They cannot skip this step and ask us to send girls directly. 2, if a client tells us that you want to meet a slave in a future date but no payment, then this girl is still on the market. If another client books her with payment, she will be taken. So a client always needs to confirm his booking by payment.

Flight Bookings

Sugar Baby Companion will book the flight for the lady following the client’s instruction and on his payment. Usually we book from Booking Buddy ( We don’t have a surcharge.

The Scope of Services

The scope of our services is limited to verified homes and 5 star hotel rooms. Therefore, we will need the client’s home address or hotel room number before sending our lady. For safety reasons, we cannot send a lady to an unverified address, such as a street corner, restaurant, hotel lobby…

Lady's Contact Details

We need to protect our ladies’ privacy. We will not provide the lady’s mobile number or email address until the last minute. A client will receive his slave’s mobile number after she boards the plane. So he will get her contact number before her arrival.

Direct Contact with Our Ladies

Please note, clients are not permitted to make direct contact with our ladies after the first date. Some inexperienced clients may believe that this will save money when in fact it may end up costing more or even lead to an unpleasant experience.

Clients' Privacy

To protect our clients’ privacy, we review our database regularly, and we delete the clients who haven’t contacted us for 2 years or more. You can also ask us to delete your information at anytime.

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