L524 Student in Seattle USA

-- English Proficiency


– Profile
This sugar baby is 24 years old, 1.63m, 44kg, a student in Seattle USA.
She is pretty and attentive.
This sugar baby is available in USA.
Other Language: Chinese.


– Resume
My name is Carrie, currently a student in Los Angeles. I have been to the States for three years. In my spare time, I like swimming and cooking. I just started learning golf this summer and want to enjoy the California sunshine with you, the reason I came here is that I want to get financial help to pay for the tuition, so that I have the opportunity to become a nurse.
I consider myself as a sweet and optimistic person, with excellent communication and thinking skills, I would like to bring happiness to your life, when you need me, stay by your side. Looking forward to seeing you.


 Comment from Club
This young lady is a honest girl.


– Sugar Baby Fees

This Sugar Baby has 6 types of service fee (2 Test Dating, 4 Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby Packages) –

>> Test Dating

> Half-day Dating (non-sexual)
You will meet the Sugar Baby for half day in her city.
Daytime (before 10pm) 8 Hours: A$/€/$ 1,000

> Full-day Dating (non-sexual)
You and the Sugar Baby will stay together for whole days (24 hours/day).
1 Day: A$/€/$ 1,500
Add. Day: A$/€/$ 900

>> Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby Package

> Sponsorship Package
You and her live separately, but meet once a week in her city.
Month: A$/€/$ 6,600 (full day x 4), A$/€/$ 5,000 (half day x 4)

> Fostering Package
You live together with her like a couple, or travel together for holidays.
Week: A$/€/$ 4,000
Month: A$/€/$ 12,000
3 Months: A$/€/$ 32,000
6 Month: A$/€/$ 62,500
Year: A$/€/$ 125,000

> Tuition & Home-stay Package
You makes an upfront payment of one semester’s tuition for her and provides her accommodation. She will live with you for the semester. However, during this period, she can still go for the dating from SBC.
3 Months: $ 20,000 (tuition) + $ 500/week (pocket money)

> Tuition & Meeting Package
You makes an upfront payment of one semester’s tuition for the her and provides her pocket money. She will visit you 2 times per week.
3 Months: $ 20,000 (tuition)

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