VIP Club

About Our VIP Club

– The VIP Club is only available to regular clients. Having a long term relationship with you enables us to protect the Celebrities and the Virgins we are introducing by allowing us to know your good character.

– VIP Club Members can receive the photos and contact information of our Celebrity ladies.

– When a new celebrity joins us, we will provide their name and photo to all members.

– You may request a list of celebrities at any time.

– Members can contact the celebrities directly and seek further arrangements by themselves.

– VIP Club Members can receive the photos and the personal details (excluding contact information) of our virgin girls.

– Please note, the club does not guarantee you a date, which means you might get “nothing” for the $3000 membership fee. Please be aware of this before join the VIP Club.

How to Join our VIP Club

– Only our regular clients can apply to join our VIP club.

– Pay the Annual Fee of $3000.

– Your membership could be stopped if you pass the Celebrity ladies’ information to others. If you publish such information, you will be held liable!

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