About Us

Sugar Baby Companion wants to bring you the light and happiness that can only be found in the company of a beautiful woman. We understand how lonely and isolated the world can be, and believe in solving problems by bringing together people with mutually compatible needs. Your age is no reason for you to stop appreciating the beauty this world has to offer.

Our Companions are ladies that want to share their time with you, to be the friend and helper that mature men crave so often. We would like to introduce you to a friendly young lady that is willing to visit you on a regular, ongoing basis. Someone that will laugh at your jokes, help clean around the house, make a nice home-cooked meal, and give you the sort of smile that you remember from better times.

Companions are not escorts; they are ladies that are seeking additional income while they are studying or need a second job to support their lifestyle. They don’t offer sexual services, but they are willing to help with tasks that can be more difficult with age, her friendly hands adding some thrill to a massage or shower service. Just because she’s here to help doesn’t mean it needs to be serious: if you’d like the lady cleaning your home to wear a maid’s uniform or have a sexy model join you for high tea, our Companions would be delighted to accommodate you.

For those gentlemen seeking a more comprehensive service, the ladies that have joined our Lovers program are happy to assist. Like our Companions, we vet our Lovers to ensure they are not professional sex workers. Lovers will join you for a few days or weeks, or happily accept an extended arrangement where they either live with you or visit on a regular basis. We don’t offer short term visits, because our Lovers want to make an emotional connection with you and be your genuine girlfriend, not just a warm body.

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