How To Arrange

Our clients can have the lover or companion of their dreams in just a few simple steps.

1. After browsing our website, please advise us of the lover(s) or companion(s) of your choice and the approximate date. We will send you their photos and other information. (new clients will need to pay an initial A$/€/$200 photo deposit.)

2. You choose a lady with a certain date and make the required payment.

3. We will arrange any flights and visas (if necessary), etc. Then your lady will come to you.

Please note, we don’t accept telephone bookings. You can book only via website or personally in our office.

Photo Delivery

– New clients need to pay A$/€/$200 photo deposit to obtain photos and start service process. Our clients can get photos by email or come to browse the computer database in our office. Before a client’s first booking, we can send photos of up to 6 ladies by email (average 10-15 large photos per lady) .

– Regular clients can always get new photos by email (as per request as frequently as desired), or browse the database in our office.

– All ladies’ pictures are genuine photos, except that some nude/SM ones have their faces covered. However, if clients visit our office, they will be able to browse the original nude/SM photos and videos.

– The photo deposit can be deducted from the final service fees, but is not refundable.


– Sugar Baby Companion for Elderly policy: if the service is carried out in Sydney, a client can pay on the lady’s arrival (if she is also from Sydney). Otherwise, all the fees including return air fare should be paid before the lady’s departure. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Please note: new clients in Sydney still need to pay A$200 photo deposit to view the photos and start arrangement. They cannot skip this step and ask us to send ladies to his home/hotel directly.

Flight Bookings

Sugar Baby Companion for Elderly will book the flight for the lady following the client’s instruction and on his charge. We do not charge any booking fees, however, clients need to pay the 10% GST (Goods & Services Tax) of the airfare. Usually we book from Booking Buddy (

To protect ladies’ privacy, we won’t provide a copy of air-ticket or booking reference number of the flights.

Lady's Contact Details

We need to protect our ladies’ privacy. We will not provide the lady’s mobile number or email address until the last minute. A client will receive his lady’s mobile number after she boards the plane. So he will get her contact number before her arrival.

Clients’ Privacy

The privacy of our clients is extremely important, and Sugar Baby Companion for Elderly takes it very seriously. One of the most common concerns people have is what happens to their data; their email and other files. Particularly, how that information can be deleted.

We have two main ways to destroy information about clients and the communications we have with them. Firstly, we will delete all information about you anytime you send us notice. Secondly, we delete the files and data associated with any clients that haven’t booked with us for over 2 years.

Our policy of deleting the data of clients that have not booked with us for 2 years can occasionally cause inconvenience for returning clients, and we do apologise for any difficulties that occur. However, we consider your privacy and protection to be extremely important, and believe the protection of deleting old data is worth the rare efforts of re-verifying the details of a returning client.

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