Australian Student in Sydney

This sugar baby is 21 years old, 1.75m, 60.5kg, an Australian student in Sydney Australia.

She is pretty and cool.

This is one of our most beautiful ladies.

This sugar baby is available worldwide.

Other Language: –

English Proficiency:

Sugar Baby Fees:

Test Dating Fee
Coffee / Virtual Meeting 1,200
First Day 2,300
Add. Day 1,500
Regularly Meeting Package Fee
1st Week 5,000
Add. Week 4,000
1st Month 10,000
Add. Month 8,000
1st Season (3 months) 20,000
Add. Season (3 months) 16,000
Cohabit Package Fee
1st Week 8,000
Add. Week 7,000
1st Month 20,000
Add. Month 18,000
One Season (3 months) 40,000
Add. Season (3 months) 36,000
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