L434 – Eurasian Model in Bangkok Thailand

eurasian, model, escort, bkk, Bangkok

>> Profile

>> English Proficiency

This Sugar Baby (Lover) is 25 years old, 1.67m, 55kg, an Eurasian model in Bangkok Thailand.
This lady is beautiful and coquettish.
She is available in Asia and Europe.
Other Language: Russian, Korean.


>> Fees

This Sugar Baby has 4 types of fees (2 Short Term Meetings, 2 Long Term Arrangements).

> Short Term Meeting

  • Half-day Meeting
    You meet with this lady for half day in her city.
    Daytime (before 10pm) 8 Hours: A$/€/$ 1,440
    Overnight 11 Hours: A$/€/$ 1,440
  • Full-day Meeting
    You keep meeting with this lady for whole day (24 hours/day).
    1 Day: A$/€/$ 1,792
    2 Days: A$/€/$ 2,944
    Add. Day: A$/€/$ 768

> Long Term Arrangement

  • Sponsorship Arrangement
    You and this lady live separately, but meet 1 day a week, totaling 4 days a month, in her city.
    Month: A$/€/$ 2,800
  • Fostering Arrangement
    You live together with this lady like a couple, or travel together for holidays.
    Week: A$/€/$ 6,080
    Month: A$/€/$ 16,000
    6 Months: A$/€/$ 32,000
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