L538 – Beautiful Blonde Girl in Sydney Australia

>> Profile

> English Proficiency

> This Sugar Baby (Lover) is 22 years old, 1.69m, 62kg, a clerk in Sydney Australia.
This lady is beautiful and attractive. 
This is one of our most beautiful ladies.
She is available in Australia.
Other Language: –


>> Fees
This Sugar Baby has 3 types of fees (2 Short Term Meetings, 1 Long Term Arrangement).

> Short Term Meeting

  • Half-day Meeting
    You meet with her for half day in her city.
    Daytime (before 10pm) 4 Hours: A$/€/$ 5,000
  • Full-day Meeting
    You can keep meeting with her for whole day (24 hours).
    Day (24 hours): A$/€/$ 5,833

> Long Term Arrangement

  • Sponsorship Arrangement
    You and this lady live separately, but meet 3 times per week (4 hours each), totally 12 times a month, in her city.
    Month: A$/€/$ 41,667


>> Status

  • Availability: Yes
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